DAY 96 (Awards a go-go!)

I mentioned yesterday that I had been nominated for two more awards, this is truly unbelievable for me. I don’t think I’ve ever been awarded so much, unless of course you count my swimming badges in junior school, oh I was so proud of them and Mum would sew them on to my cossie…I had quite a few and felt very proud indeed!

I will deal with these awards one at a time, first from Colline at – this lady has kept me in kind comments and appreciation since I started.  I feel so bad that I go through phases of not having time to read everyone else’s blogs…please forgive me…I do catch up eventually!! Thank you so much Colline for your support.

This blog award is the 7×7 Link Award and as with other awards there are certain tasks I must complete in order to accept it…it goes like this:

I must provide 7 links to posts that I have written according to 7 categories (as detailed below). Thereafter I am to pass this award onto other bloggers.

OK so here are the categories with the links! (I’ve used short links, I hope they work if not you’ll have to copy and paste – sorry!)

I’m not sure whether you will agree with me but here goes..

  1. MOST HELPFUL – Probably one of the most fun posts I had, if not a little messy!! How not to make Oriental Soup!!!
  2. MOST POPULAR– Well I’m surprised at this one, I had a look at the stats and this is the one!!One of the Weekly Photo Challenges.
  3. MOST BEAUTIFUL-Oh my goodness, well as I’m into photos, this is a really tough one…I’m afraid I’m going to have to go with the dogs…I love flowers, skies, etc but my passion is dogs…so here is the latest that I had lots of fun with…
  4. MOST CONTROVERSIAL-Ah now this was fun, it wasn’t so controversial on WordPress but Hubby and I had a 5 hour conversation after he read this…he now thinks I’m feminist…
  5. MOST SURPRISINGLY SUCCESSFUL-Typical this is a post where I was having a rant and guess that you liked it!!
  6. MOST UNDER RATED-I assume this means a post which I believe would have received more visits in which case this is the one.

MOST PRIDE WORTHY- probably this post as it seemed to flow beautifully and the photos really matched the words…it doesn’t happen very often!!                                                     OK and now for my 7 links:

  1. TaniaJessicaSmith
  2. Ramblings
  3. KathrynDawson
  4. Googsy
  5. My Story to you
  6. Becoming Madame
  7. Capital Clips

So thanks again, and I will do my best to be a ‘good’ blogger oh and my photo for today……

The water was a murky, muddy brown so I 'blued' it up in photoshop!!!

10 thoughts on “DAY 96 (Awards a go-go!)

  1. Congratulations, again, and not surprised, again! Not only because the photos are always a treat each day but because the little write-ups you do (when you have the time) is always so fun. Your personality shines through 🙂

    • thanks Indy that’s so kind of you. I am so flattered! Glad you’re liking the photos. I love taking them and it’s so much easier now the weather is improving.

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